class info

Drama Level I

This class serves as an introduction to theatre and its basic components. Students, ages 8 and up,  will be introduced to the technical elements that go into making a production, process and character work, blocking, partnering and improvisation. 


This class will continue to hone the skills learned in Drama I, and deepen the understanding of acting as a craft. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of original material, fuller character development and a deeper understanding of the rehearsal process.

 Drama Level III

This class will serve as a bridge between the introductory and advanced levels. Students will begin to explore character n a deep level, more advanced themes in scene work, motivation and spontaneity, the concept of realism and dramatic structure. Students will explore these themes in the creation of their own work along with works chosen by the teacher.

Drama Level IV

This class will be focused on the creation of well-rounded three-dimensional characters. Through intense scene study and character work students will explore action, objective, point of view and subtext. Students will also be held to professional standards in regard to out of class preparation and homework.

Drama Level V

This class will serve as a culminating year and practicum. Through rehearsing a classical play, students will be held to professional standards and will exercise all the skills accumulated thus far. They will also prepare for further study at the collegiate or professional level.

Private Instruction

Classes can be arranged for students seeking private instruction for audition prep and/or collegiate applications. These classes would either be a half hour or hour depending on the student’s needs and should be set up through the office.